How to Sell your House Quickly



Want to sell your home quickly?

If you’re wondering how to sell your house quickly, you’re in the right place.

Home sellers might have any number of reasons for wanting a quick sale. You may need to clear your debts and avoid repossession. You might be looking to sell a property you inherited. Or you might need to move house quickly — maybe you’ve got a new job that means relocating, maybe you’re coming out of a relationship, or perhaps the original buyer fell through and you don’t want to break the property chain.

A quick house sale can certainly benefit some homeowners. You can quickly access cash, avoid the lengthy sales process, and perhaps even sell a property with known issues, or a short lease.

The only potential downside to a quick house sale is that you might lose out on the negotiations which can lead to a higher sale price.

Preparing the Property for Sale

As with any other house sale, preparing your property can add value and even speed things along.

Also known as staging, a little sprucing up (inside and out) could make a difference for potential buyers, encouraging them to make an offer faster.

Tidying and decluttering

Both before photos are taken of the property, and before prospective buyers come to view it, just tidying and decluttering the space can make a surprising difference. Buyers need to be able to imagine how their own lives would fit into a home. By clearing clutter, you can present them with a blank canvas to project their belongings and style onto.

Minor repairs and improvements

As with tidying the property, minor repairs can reap major rewards. The cost of a lick of paint, or even of a modernised kitchen or bathroom is often greatly outweighed by the higher selling price a well-staged property can command. 

While spending time on repairs might slightly delay getting the property to market, those small improvements can make your property sell faster — speeding up your house sale overall.

Enhancing curb appeal

They say: “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but that won’t stop potential buyers from evaluating your property based on first impressions. With a little tidying of the front garden, and maybe a paint job on the doors and window frames, you can improve the curb appeal (AKA kerb appeal) of your home — and interest buyers before they’ve even opened the front door.

Strategic Pricing and Marketing

Before they get anywhere near curb appeal though, pricing and property listings are usually the very first things a potential buyer sees. Any good estate agent should be able to advise you on both of these aspects to sell your house fast.

Pricing property for a quick sale

All things being equal, the asking price for your property should be around market value, based on similar properties in the area. However, if you are looking for a quick sale, pricing slightly below market value can be the best strategy. You may make slightly less on the sale, but you will likely have multiple offers very soon after going to market.

Marketing property for a quick sale

Like anything these days, online is usually the way to go! Your estate agent will be able to handle the online listing sites. Ensure you give them as much information about the property as possible, so they can write an enticing description. You want potential buyers to be able to envision themselves calling your property home. 

Give your estate agent access for professional photography and ‘virtual tour’ videos, too. The more your property stands out online against similar properties, the more likely it is to generate early interest and a faster sale.

Leveraging Professional Assistance

One of the most sure-fire ways to secure a fast house sale is to call in the experts. Don’t underestimate the expertise of your local estate agent when it comes to facilitating quick house sales.

From a deep understanding of the local housing market to vast negotiation experience, professional estate agents have the tools of the trade to make a quick house sale — without compromising on price.

Navigating the Sales Process Efficiently

Of course, accepting an offer is just the first step.

The legalities and paperwork involved in buying and selling property are notoriously time-consuming. So, how can you streamline the house-selling process and move up your completion date?

First, make sure you have legal representation in place right from the start, so you’re not wasting time searching for a solicitor or conveyancer to assist you to complete the sale. 

Be proactive, responsive and flexible when it comes to prospective buyers’ inquiries and offers. Respond to communication quickly and clearly, and accept an offer promptly.

Equally, selling your property without being part of a ‘chain’ — and particularly selling to a cash buyer — makes it less likely that issues will crop up during the buying and selling process, potentially making it faster to sell your property.

It is certainly possible to sell your property quickly, under the right circumstances. Using the right pricing strategy, staging the property well, and showcasing it with captivating photos and descriptions can all help you sell your house quickly. Selling a property fast might be associated with taking a slightly lower price — but your local estate agent should be able to quickly get the best price for your home. 

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