Best Time of Year to Sell a House



Often, the key to getting the best price when you sell your house is the number of offers you get.

The more prospective buyers are on the market, the more competition there is for properties — and the more likely you are to get a high offer, or multiple offers as buyers try to out-bid one another.

One way to guarantee the best chance of multiple prospective buyers is to see when more people are looking to buy a house.

Unless you are in an urgent hurry to make a sale, waiting a few months can make all the difference.

So: when is the best time to sell in the UK?

Understanding seasonal trends

The UK is a highly season-dependent market — and the UK housing market is no different. As well as the changing cycles of seasonal weather, celebrations and food, each season affects the housing market in the UK:

Selling your house in Spring

Data from Rightmove has shown that spring is the time of year with the most searches and enquiries for new homes on the website. As the weather begins to warm up, and people have recovered from the festive period, but are not yet into the lull of summer, spring can be a good time to put your property on the market.


  • The festive period has given many potential buyers time to consider their move and they may start their search in the spring
  • Families thinking of making a move during the school summer holidays will also likely start their search in spring
  • As well as giving your garden (and your curb appeal) a boost, warmer weather and longer days can boost potential buyers’ mood.


  • As more properties are listed in springtime, there may be more competition in the market.

Selling your house in Summer

Research from the London School of Economics shows that house prices are typically higher, with more sales occurring in the hotter months, irrespective of the overall trends. This goes for spring and summer, though school summer holidays in July and August begin to slow down property searches, lowering competition.


  • The summer sun can bring out the best in your property exterior and garden, increasing curb appeal
  • The consistently good weather, longer days, and the possibility of increased flexibility during school holidays can make showing your property to prospective buyers a breeze.


  • There is still high competition in the summer months
  • The downside to those school holidays is that more people are travelling, so may not have the time to view properties.

Selling your house in Autumn

That same London School of Economics research also shows the opposite to be true: that, irrespective of the overall trends, house prices are typically lower, with fewer sales occurring in the colder months. This begins in autumn, as school starts again, and Christmas looms on the horizon.


  • There is less competition from other sellers in the autumn and winter months
  • The cooler temperatures can make for a more comfortable viewing experience than mid-summer — and can create an inviting, cosy atmosphere inside the house
  • Some buyers may be looking to make a purchase before the end of the year for tax purposes.


  • That cosy autumn weather can also have the downside of making the property feel gloomy and unkempt
  • Shorter days and the return to school may limit the amount of time people have available for viewings.

Selling your house in Winter

With the run-up to Christmas well and truly underway, November and December can often be a bad time to sell a house in the UK, with less demand and minimal competition, though prospective buyers in winter may be looking to move quickly.


  • With fewer properties listed in the winter months, there is less competition, potentially making your property more appealing to prospective buyers
  • Just as in the autumn, some buyers may be looking to make a quick purchase before the year-end for tax purposes.


  • The limited daylight and unpleasant weather can make viewings harder, and reduce your property’s curb appeal
  • The festive season tends to distract all but the most serious buyers
  • The property market tends to move more slowly overall in winter.

Other factors to consider

Of course, the seasons of the year are not the only factors that should impact when you decide to list and sell your property. 

  • Local market conditions — The property market conditions in your local area can make a difference in choosing when to list your property. For example, if you live in a very family-friendly area, you may decide to avoid listing your property during the school holidays, as local prospective buyers are likely to be travelling or busy during these times.
  • Personal circumstances — If you need to make a quick sale, then you can’t wait for the ‘right’ moment. Property searches and sales happen throughout the year, and waiting for springtime may not be an option for you.
  • Property type — The type of property you are selling can also make a difference to what time of year is best to sell. A dark and cosy property may be better suited to viewings in the winter months, whereas a property with expansive gardens may be best viewed in summer.

Practical tips for sellers

If you are unsure when the best time to sell your house is — and you have time on your side — your local estate agent will be able to view your property and offer personalised advice.

When you have decided on the best selling window for you and your property, you should prepare your property for sale, by making any necessary repairs, deep cleaning, de-cluttering and refreshing the paintwork, and paying particular attention to the exterior to improve curb appeal.


All things considered, spring is usually the best time to sell a house in the UK. The busy festive period is over (with plenty of time for people to discuss their house-moving plans for the new year), the weather is starting to warm up, and the summer break is not yet upon us.

However, you should also assess your unique situation, consult with your local estate agent for tailored advice, and make the right decision for you and your property.

Book a valuation to understand the best time of year to sell your property.

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